Protect Our Protesters Of the #LondonRiots – Email Campaign

1. Email Addresses:,,,,,,,,,

2. Email Title: URGENT – Please Protect The UK Protesters

3. Cut and paste the below text into body of your email:

Dear UN Security Council:

Please enact a resolution to protect the protesters of England as you have protected the Islamist rebels in Libya.  The suggested resolution reads as follows:

Security Council Resolution Against the British Government:

1.We express grave concern at the deteriorating situation and the escalation of violence in England following the murder by London police of a young Black man by the name of Mark Duggan, and the resulting violence against those who have protested this police atrocity.

2.The Security Council has a responsibility to protect that extends to Black and Ethnic Minority peoples as well as youth.

3.We condemn the gross human rights violations of the British authorities against their Black and Ethnic Minority people which are crimes against humanity.

4.We condemn the British authorities’ use of mercenaries in the police force.

5.We condemn the British authorities’ use of plastic bullets on protesters as plastic bullets are often fatal.

6.We therefore call for a ban on all arms in order to protect civilians.

7.In response to the British regime’s promise of a crackdown on Freedom Fighters and the claim that “nothing is off the table”, we call for the enforcement of a no-fly zone over England to protect civilians.

8.All British assets are to be immediately frozen to protect civilians.


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